America's Greatest Generation
Living Their Finest Hour:
World War II -- 1941 - 1945

Stories of Men and Women who experienced the greatest event in the history of the world -- World War II...As seen through their eyes and told in their words.

The pages that follow in this category of "P. O. W. Heroes" are dedicated to the men and women [as well as children] who served in their own manner during the war -- as civilian or military personnel -- who eventually were required to endure one of the most extreme sacrifices a person can endure during war -- that of a Prisoner of War.

These were the common ordinary folks who put forth great efforts to help win the war. You have heard of these folks: the men and women who helped to win precious time for this country to prepare to strike back at the Japanese during the dark early days of the war. Many of these men and women will be forever remembered for their supreme and sometimes ultimate sacrifices during Bataan and Corregidor.

Many who went off to war endured the humiliation and extreme sacrifices of capture and internment as a result of being captured in battle, be it land or sea, or as a crew member who had to abandon his stricken aircraft. Many thousands made such sacrifices and still to this day have difficulty living with the events that unfolded as a result of such extreme circumstances. Many never returned. Such folks as these are heroes to us -- their succeeding generations.

This series of pages will be a sounding board, have you, for the generation referred to as "America's Greatest Generation". Their generation, collectively, experienced the most turbulent and terrifying era in the history of this great nation. In their own way they played their small part in doing their part in World War II -- helping to shape the world and stopping the tide of world domination by some of histories greatest tyrants.


P O W - Prisoner of War - Heroes

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Herman Knight Beaber:

Deliverance! It Has Come!
WW II Diary: 1942 - 1945

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